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A Brief Intro of Hermes Leather-Oxhide

1. Togo

Togo leather is made from baby calf(also known as a veau), it is a beautiful leather that appears to be raised, yet has a smooth and fine texture that glides across your fingertips. It is an incredibly popular leather for one simple reason: it is almost entirely scratch resistant and can be refurbished to as good as new condition if veining starts to appear.


  • Almost completely resilient to scratching.
  • Easy to clean and can be refurbished incredibly quickly.
  • Has a raised grainy appearance, yet is very smooth to touch.
  • The grain is finer than Clemence.

Bags commonly used for making: Birkin, Kelly, Lindy.

2. Taurillon Clemence

Taurillon Clemence leather leather which is short called TC leather or Clemence leather, is made from baby bull. This leather has been on the scene since the 1980s and is very much a classic material. The grain type is a bit bigger and flatter than other available leathers (like the grainy Togo), which may result in cracking around the edges of the bag, although is can easily be refurbished to as good as new.

There is one downside to the Hermes Clemence Leather: water can produce unsightly blisters on the bag, so being careful around rain and other water is a must.

Tips for handling Clemence leather:

  • Be careful around water, as water can cause water blisters that are almost impossible to remove. Always wipe down immediately after contact with water.
  • If the heavy yet durable leather starts cracking around the edges, get it refurbished.

Bags commonly used for making: Birkin, Kelly,Picotin,Lindy.

3. Epsom

Epsom leather was introduced in 2003, Unlike other leathers, Epsom leather is an embossed leather, which means that the pattern pressed into the leather is not the actual grain. However, this has some major benefits such as allowing the leather to hold its true shape in all circumstances and also means it is completely resistant to scratching. The material is also lightweight and cleans with a simple wipe using a damp cloth.


Benefits of Epsom Leather

  • Completely resilient to scratches.
  • Incredibly easy to clean, grime wipes right off.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.

Bags commonly used for making:

Birkin, Kelly, Constance and small bags such as constance to go, kelly to go,etc.

4. Swift

Gulliver Leather, which was discontinued in the year 1999, was reintroduced in 2005 to what we all know as Swift Leather.  The leather features a fine grain which is incredibly soft to touch and has the ability to reflect light while absorbing dye like few other leathers on the market. The only drawback is that it is prone to scratches, but small scratches are easily removed by a gentle swipe of your fingers.


  • Enhanced luminosity, making colors appear brighter and more radiant.
  • Glistens against the sunlight.
  • Is very soft to touch, which makes scratching easier (but minor scratching can be rubbed off).

Bags commonly used for making: Lindy,Birkin,Kelly

5. Box Calf

The box calf leather is the oldest type of leather used in Hermès bags and is present in many vintage Kelly bags. While box calf leather is quite a sensational site, there is one downfall you have to watch out for: blemishes such as scratches and water marks are easily noticeable on this bag, but after time the deformities blend into the bag and create almost a mirror-like texture.

Tips for handling box calf leather:

  • Be careful when handling this bag in rainy weather, as water marks will undoubtedly stain the bag.
  • If you end up with scratches or other blemishes, try lightly buffing the bag to blend.

Bags commonly used for making: Kelly

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