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How to Spot A Fake HERMÈS Birkin Quickly

Birkin is one of the most expensive bags in the world. The increase in popularity of the Hermès Birkin bag has unfortunately led the market to become inundated with replicas. This article will show you 7 steps to spot a fake Hermes Birkin.


Look at the shape of the bag below. The bag should stand neat and pronounced. The bag should not be slouching or bulging in places.

2.Smell of Leather

The leather used to make a Hermès Birkin will be the finest, not cheap or poor quality. So you will be able to smell the aroma of the leather. For example Togo leather will be soft to touch and should have a heavenly aroma.

3.Authentic Card

When you get your Hermes Birkin, you need to check whether it has a authenticity card. Interestingly, Hermès bags with authenticity cards are actually fake.
This is because Hermès handbags do not provide authenticity cards at all, Never!


The hardware of real Birkin will not be absorbed by the magnet, but the fake hardware will be.



All Hermès bags are sewn by hand, not by machine. If the stitching spacing is equal, it can be judged that the bag is made by machine and fake.


The stamping should be neat and hard. On a fake it tends to be faint and weak.
Note: the stamp is engraved on the bandage before 2015, and on the inside of the fold of the bag (look at the left side from the front) after 2015.


Look at the lettering on the lock. The lettering on the real lock is really uniform and fine. Fake lock letters and numbers are larger than real ones.
The lettering of real lock is engraved by hand, but the fake one is laser-engraved.

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