All about Hermès Birkin

Hermès is a French high-fashion luxury goods manufacturer established in 1837. They specialize in leather and lifestyle accessories. Hermès is

How to Spot A Fake HERMÈS Birkin Quickly

Birkin is one of the most expensive bags in the world. The increase in popularity of the Hermès Birkin bag

A Brief Intro of Hermes Leather-Oxhide

1. Togo Togo leather is made from baby calf(also known as a veau), it is a beautiful leather that appears

Quickly Know All Classic Hermes Bags in 5 Minutes-1

This article will simplify introduce all Hermès classic bags, hope it can help you choose bags. 1. Birkin(in 1984) The Birkin

How to Buy a Birkin?

Given the craftsmanship and the amount of hours required to create each bag, the production of a Birkin is entirely

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